Hemp America

HEMP AMERICA – THE REVOLUTION will feature the current fight by US citizens to educate the public about and restore to full production the most misunderstood plant in the USA – the Industrial HEMP plant.

Outlawed in 1937 by sweeping federal legislation, the United States economy has endured 75 years of Hemp prohibition. As other industrialized nations benefit in every socioeconomic category the US economy remains stifled by failed US Hemp policy.  For more than two decades, United States citizens from varying backgrounds and fields of expertise have come together from every corner to reverse the US Hemp ban.  Activist have continued to utilize available avenues including social activism, government interaction, legislation, the courts and even protest.  The US Hemp movement, once characterized as a small minority of extremist, has grown to represent the single largest social/economic justice movement ongoing in the US.  All the while, other industrialized countries have advanced their perspective Hemp industries to new levels of success, leaving the USA in the dust.  In a time when the United States desperately seeks solutions for a renewed economy, a return to environmental consciousness and desperately seek health solutions – Hemp restoration, the greatest of all opportunities, is lost in the wake of inept leadership, poor economic policies, misinformation and corporate politics.  Hemp America will feature the next great American Revolution and those founding personalities growing every more successful tol restore Hemp to America.